Welcome to Eco Maison 40, a reliable building contractors with over 25 years experience satisfying customer requirements over a range of projects.

We are fully qualified and insured for all work we undertake, with a proven track record delivering a high quality end product. Our portfolio contains both modern and traditional designs and technologies in both large-scale and smaller projects. Recently we have worked more with our passion – using ecologically-friendly building techniques, tools and materials.

We are available for help and consultation at each stage of a project – building, planning, execution and project management.

Our philosophy is to provide you a professional, solid service to meet both your budget and expectations -looking to offer solutions that are cost-efficient to you both in the short and long term. From selecting slow heat-release tiles where appropriate to installing solar panels that create enough energy to sell back into the National Grid, we look for options that make sense ecologically as well as economically.

Our services are available both as a contractor and consultancy on any size of work from large, complex builds and project management to simple modifications and enhancements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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